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We are restless people, and our dreams lead us to conquer new worlds. We join your dreams and help you to overcome language barriers

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We do not charge additional fees for “difficulty” or “technical language.” We assume that any job requires hard work and dedication. Ours does, too

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Thanks to TLS-Bureau, you can easily achieve whatever you set out to do. We work with all of the most important languages in the world, and if you need a language that we do not have, we will find it for you

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Globalization is key in driving our country’s economy during a difficult time like the one at present. Our contribution to growth has been forgetting about our old rates and making communication with the rest of the world accessible. We are translators: we speak your language and that of the person you need to communicate with. Being at your service is at the heart of our profession

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The world population is the total number of people living on the entire planet. On October 30, 2011, that number reached 7 billion.

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The patent for your invention? Your website? An instruction manual? A rental contract for your business? Subtitles for your movie? Translating a book?

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Our translators are native to the country in which your project will be carried out. Put it in our hands so that you can worry about other things


Madisbar Translations: Innovation, Hard Work, Vocation

"Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” -- Robert F. Kennedy

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Translations between any combination of languages cost the same. Our teams of translators are multilingual, and we’re not going to charge you extra for that.

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